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Providing legal representation throughout all of New York State.

This lawyer at this New York State law firm understands the embarrassment, shame and stress resulting from an arrest.  Feeling confused, angry, or somewhat fearful about what’s happened to you?  In fact the process of being arrested, incarcerated, fingerprinted, and photographed can be very traumatic.

Similarly do you need the specific expertise of a top notch attorney to guide you through the judicial maze?  Desire to protect your license and keep your freedom?

Charged with a Driving While Intoxicated or Ability Impaired by Drugs- than you must act NOW!  Click on the FREE Case Evaluation below.

Humpleby Law Office, P.C.
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4306 East Genesee Street
Syracuse, NY 13214

It’s extremely important you seek the advice of an experienced attorney immediately. Don’t delay — click the link above and fill out the online form for a FREE consultation or call 1-866-LAW-9110.

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